Just about to serve up 8.30 breakfast when doorbell went. Did not recognise lady but Chris answered the door to the lady who was reporting that two lambs were on the road. Though not ours Chris phoned one of the neighbouring farms who have lambs out in the fields. After the 9am breakfast I took the dogs Smudge and Blue for their morning walk. We have some of our neighbours cows in the front fields at the moment. Blue does not like cows but as they were a safe distance he ventured into the field before heading up to the guest garden where we let the chickens out of the shed. At the door to the shed it is always a fight as to what gets in the shed first, my foot or Smudges head. He takes his chicken duties very seriously and makes sure that none of them leave the shed while I collect the eggs and feed them. The duck is a different matter and she usually just walks passed him. (She thinks she is a chicken and doesn’t fly or like water). They then have a good run around before we head back to the house.

After that the morning goes in usual tasks, clearing up after breakfast, tumble dry and hang up the washing in the laundry room (one of the bedrooms in our part of the house) answer emails, check post to go and today make sure rubbish is ready for collection. Alan the regular postman, brought the post and we had a chat about the wekend. He is one of the dogs’ best friends as he often gives them a biscuit. I had hoped to get to Bakewell before lunch but went afterwards. It was really busy – why I was surprised at this I do not know after all it is half term week. In town I went to the Bank, butchers greengrocers and the CO-Op. Noticed another charity shop to open, that will make four in town. Bakewell has a good selection of family owned businesses and independent shops. We always worry when we see an empty shop. There is one prominent one in town, formerly an outdoor wear, that looks as if it may become another outdoor wear one. Will it survive if one has already closed? I went to the library but that as closed. It took me ten minutes to get home, usually I do it in five.

When I got back I took the dogs out in our garden. It is at the front of the house and has wonderful views. The dogs chased each other as their were no swallows around to chase. There were no phone messages but a couple of emails and then I went to water the plants in the green house. Last week I planted up twelve hanging baskets and there are some plants and a couple of hundred geraniums that will need to be planted out in the next few weeks. On the way up I stopped and chatted to a couple of guests who were admiring the view. It as really clear and I was able to point out Stanton in Peak, Two Dales, Youlgreave church and my favourite Minninglow. This is one of Derbyshire’s ancient burial mounds but it is the trees on top that make it distinctive. I calculated it is about 11 km away and use it as my gauge for how clear it is.

I phoned a friend and got Chris’s overnight bag ready as he has gone to London on (his) business for a couple of days. After he went I spoke to my mother in law and one of the cleaners, paid some bills,and answered some emails, took the dogs to put the chickens to bed. That is normally one of Chris’s jobs.

Sat down at 9pm and managed to watch CSI without the phone going. Amazing. Still have the table to lay for breakfast, put the washing on and take the dogs for walk. Talking of which they are lying on their mats in the lounge with me.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day.