Gift Vouchers

Looking for a gift for someone?

Gift Vouchers are available for a stay or contribution towards a stay at Bolehill Farm Cottages. A Bolehill gift voucher is a special gift - whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a key calendar date present such as Christmas or Mother's Day.

Our gift vouchers can either be for the entirety of a holiday balance or a contribution. They can be purchased in a denomination of your choice, starting from a minimum of £50.00.

If there is a message/picture which you would like on your voucher, just let us know and we can create a customised voucher for you.

A voucher can either sent digitally via email (PDF voucher) or a physical voucher by post (or both). There is no charge for customising your gift voucher, producing the digital PDF file or for producing a physical voucher/posting to your specified address (presuming it is UK mainland postal zone).

Gift vouchers can be purchased directly from our website or by phone or email.

Gift Voucher

How to buy a gift voucher

Buy a gift voucher online by clicking here.

To discuss a gift voucher, please do get in touch - either by phone: 01629 813259 or by email:

Alternatively, contact us through the enquiry form on the 'Contact Us' section of our website.

How the voucher works

Please see the below for additional information regarding our gift voucher offering - we aim to keep this as simple and as straightforward as possible! Please do ask if you need us to clarify any of the below.

  • The gift voucher must be used within 18 months of purchase (unless a longer duration is agreed with us in advance - please contact us to discuss)
  • The gift voucher can be redeemed against any available calendar date within the 18-month period
  • The gift voucher can used as a contribution towards the total balance (e.g. £100 gift voucher could be redeemed against a stay costing £300, thus leaving a remaining balance of £200 payable)
  • The remaining balance must be paid 8 weeks before arrival, or on booking if booked less than 8 weeks in advance
  • The responsibility/administration of the booking will fall to the person(s) using the voucher (i.e. not purchaser of the voucher)
  • The gift voucher value is non-refundable once purchased and this includes remaining balances (e.g. a £300 gift voucher redeemed against a holiday costing £280 - the remaining balance of £20 would not be refunded but can be carried across for a further booking within the 18 month period)
  • Once the booking has been confirmed, our standard terms and conditions apply

To see full details of our terms and conditions, please click here.