Paint, plans and exciting things happen…

Paint, paint and more paint!

Well where to begin! We decided that once the first chord struck in 2018, the paint would be released. Armed and dangerous with rollers, masking tape, brushes and overalls. Did I mention paint?! Over the past couple of months, we’ve used over 150 litres of paint within the cottages: walls, ceilings, woodwork and kitchens. In addition – various carpets, sofas, tiles and soft furnishings have been refreshed.


As promised, it is nothing drastic yet in our opinion, it’s given our cottages a really fresh lift and we do hope that you agree. One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that we have given our collective all to make our cottages an even more warm and welcoming place for you to enjoy and relax; whether you plan to visit Bolehill Farm for work or play.

We must add a big ‘thank you’ to our families – they have provided no end of help and support, sleeves rolled up throughout (i.e. sanding, painting and furniture building!).

On the back of this, you may notice that there are new interior cottage photos on our website so if you have a cuppa in hand and a spare 5 minutes, then please do have a look. To see our new internal pictures, please visit:

Exciting Things Happen

Since moving to Bolehill, it has struck us that it is a place where exciting things happen. Well the past few months have been no exception. We would first like to say congratulations to Debbie and Simon – a lovely couple who became engaged at Bolehill on valentine’s day (Simon – Fay says I have a lesson to learn from you: ‘the man who picks fantastic flowers’). We’re extremely pleased for you guys and we wish you every happiness for your wedding day and beyond. We look forward to seeing you both again in the future.

We have welcomed many guests to Bolehill over past few months; guests that live 10 miles away through to those that live over 5,000 miles away! On this note, it was a pleasure to welcome Courtney who had travelled all the way from California for a well-deserved break in the Peak District.

It was a real privilege that you chose to stay at Bolehill and that you had a superb break here, exploring all that Bakewell and the surrounding area has to offer.

Changing Plans

As with life somethings haven’t gone the way we envisaged. Once moved in, it was always our intention to prepare for opening the B&B element of our business. However, I have endured one of life’s less pleasant turns with two slipped back discs and had back surgery last week. Clearly it is not something we had anticipated but life goes on (and it certainly won’t get me down). However, it undoubtedly has had an impact on our initial plans. Therefore, we will not be opening our bed and breakfast in 2018. We want to apologise to any guests that were hoping for a breakfast ‘cooked by us’ in 2018 yet, it has given us a period to reflect on plans and we aim to offer a revised version of our original breakfast plan in 2019. More on this in future blog posts.

Thank you

A big thank you to all of our guests who have been so enthusiastic and supportive over the snowy, winter period. We always enjoy meeting new faces but also seeing familiar faces once again (nice doggies too!).

Anyway, off we trot in to the month of change with spring around the corner. Something tells me the warmth of the sun isn’t all too far away now!

Fay & Dan (written by Dan)

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