Enjoy the Outside Space

The great Derbyshire outdoors. Relax and unwind...

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The Grounds

In all, we have 20 acres of grounds which include 3 large fields, 2 dog paddock areas, a Guest Garden with a side-strip wooded area:

  • Views towards Lathkill Dale
  • Footpath 100 metres away - country walks and field pub walks from the door (nearest pub is a 2 mile walk over fields via use of the local footpath)
  • Walks from the door to Lathkill Dale, Over Haddon, Sheldon, Monyash, Ashford-in-the-water and Bakewell (ranging from 2 miles to 9 miles, over fields)
  • Elevated position with 360 degree views from our fields
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Guest Garden

Our Guest Garden is a restful area to unwind and enjoy panoramic views over Derbyshire. It comprises of a large lawn area with a side stripped wooded area where we have planted bulbs, wildflowers, hedges and installed a bird feeder to enjoy nature at its best. Our Guest Garden is often used for picnics, garden games, relaxing, bird spotting, enjoying nature as well as a place to enjoy the far reaching views. The garden arbour and natural stone bench at the top of the Guest Garden are particularly pleasant areas to sit back and watch time go by.

Please note: dogs are not permitted to be in the Guest Garden off the lead.

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Viewpoint & BBQ Area

Nestled at the top of the Guest Garden, lies our BBQ & Viewpoint area - elevated with terrific views.

This area comprises of of two BBQ enclosures built out of granite blocks.

The area has two large picnic benches which can each seat up to 12 people - an excellent place for socialising and dining.

There are also other seats which are placed to relax and enjoy the far-reaching views. A rustic bench constructed of walling stone positioned at the front of the area is lovely for enjoying sunsets and sunrises. The neighbouring garden arbour is a special seat to enjoy views over the Guest Garden and beyond.

This is a communal area and as such, is not a bookable area.

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Dog Paddock

Our Dog Paddock (enclosed field) is an area you are welcome to exercise your dog. Dogs can be on or off the lead in this area. A fantastic space for dogs and owners to enjoy with far-reaching views over open farmland. It is surrounded by stone rubble walls which are approximately 0.8m high. We mow the Dog Paddock approximately once a month during the warmer months using an agricultural cutter yet allow the edges of the dog paddock to grow naturally as long grasses. You will find carefully placed dog bins around the paddock area.

We also have a smaller, secondary Dog Paddock named 'Little Legs Dog Paddock' which as the name suggests, is specifically for dogs with little legs!

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Outdoor Seating

All of our cottages have their own enclosed outdoor seating areas. All cottage outdoor seating areas are accessed directly from the front or back door of each cottage – apart from Shippon Cottage, where the outdoor space is opposite the cottage.

There are two large communal picnic benches at the top of the Guest Garden which can each seat up to 12 people - picnic benches with a view!

Additionally, you will find several benches and picnic tables scattered around the site - enjoy the tranquillity of the Derbyshire countryside and all that Bolehill has to offer.

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Cycle Storage

We are located near to the Monsal, Tissington and High Peak trails for those wanting to enjoy a bike ride or stroll during their break away. Moreover, the Manifold Trail is under an hours drive from us.

We have a specially designed timber clad cycle storage shelter to store your bike on-site. All we ask is that you bring your own cycle lock to secure your bike within the shelter.

There is also a bike wash area next to the bike shed which contains a water tap and hose for your use. In addition: brushes, buckets and cycle stands are situated in the cycle shelter to assist with cleaning your bike.

Cycle hire is available in our local area - cycle hire options can be found in the 'Out & About' section of our website.

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Nature & Site Biodiversity

We make a profound effort to attract wildlife and increase the biodiversity of our local area. Depening on the time of your visit, you may see pheasants, hares and a whole array of garden birds including Blue Tits, Robins, Goldfinches as well as other birds such as Curlews, Owls and the lesser spotted Kestrel. The bird feeder is located in the Guest Garden and beholds particular entertainment when birds sweep in to eat their beloved Sunflower Hearts! You may see a Pheasant or two hoovering the dropped seeds from the grounds. Lathkill Cottage is a favourite for bird lovers.

You will notice an ever increasing amount of planting around Bolehill including: wildflowers, trees, mini fruit orchard, bulbs and hedges which wildlife all seem to enjoy. Furthermore, you will spot bird boxes, 'bug, bee & butterfly hotels', timber piles for insects and long grasses where wildlife revel.

Field Walk

Our field walk is designed as a simple, circular walking path around one of the Bolehill fields. Ideal for an easy-going stretch of the legs! A walk to enjoy on our site without wall the concern of wall stiles or cattle. We mow the walking path periodically during the warmer months.

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