Wenesday 31 December Plan C

A wonderful hoare frost but well below freezing (-6) and foggy so we had to rethink our plan. Plan A had been a seven mile walk based on Dovedale. Plan B had been a six mile walk from here with a pub or cafe stop but as we could not see further than a few yards we had to rethink our plans. In the end we decided to go down to Bakewell for a few hours. First stop was the M&C Motorbike museum, a small private collection of motorbikes and associated paraphernalia which opens usually at weekends in summer. It was very interesting. We had lunch at JR’s Brasserie then wandered around time for a while. It was quite busy. Back home and a relaxing afternoon and evening. We have been doing a 1500 piece jigsaw of Bakewell and we are well advanced but will it get finished before our friends go home? We had a Chinese take away in the evening and saw the New Year in watching the fireworks from London on TV. No fireworks visible from here tonight! Happy New Year to you all.