Wednesday 9 July Helsinki

A bright sunny day forecast and after my usual breakfast of a bowl of cereal, a bowl of fruit and a croissant we set off on the short shuttle bus ride to the center of Helsinki. It is a young Capital as Finland was not independent as a country until 1917. The shuttle bus dropped us by the Lutheran Cathedral which dominates the local skyline. We walked down to the quayside to look at the market then back up to photo the church. After that we walked thorough the center of town to find a ‘rock church’ which is a church built into the rocks. An impressive structure which has good acoustic qualities. We were thinking about walking on to find the Sibelius Statue but decided it was too far so came back to the ship for launch. We then went back into town to explore a little more and in particular look at the Russian Orthodox Church. Memories of Helsinki will include polite drivers with plenty of pedestrian crossings which also have an audible way of letting you know when it is safe to cross. Back in time for afternoon tea with dad. Had our usual swim before dinner then went to the Cinema to see ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ with Tom Hanks. Had our usual late night stroll on deck with our mug of Horlicks before retiring to bed and putting the clocks forward again.