Wednesday 9 January Sheffield

Up and after all the chores were done and Chris had taken a conference call we set off for Sheffield. The chance to do a little personal shopping. We could go to Meadowhall but I prefer the old town center with its lovely old buildings. They are spending a lot of money on Sheffield. It has a tram system, a new transport interchange, two good universities but tarnished with a past. Councillors have worried about the image the film ‘The Full Monty’ portrayed of Sheffield but perhaps it was instrumental in its current revtalisation. We had a reason to go Sheffield as we went to see our solicitor to sign contracts for the purchase of the small strip of land behind us from our neighbours. We had lunch in a little cafe behind the town hall. Came back with a couple of bits for myself but we also stopped at Dunelm and bought a few bits there too. Next door was Comet where we bought a dishwasher to replace the one we use for the B&B as this has started to play up as it is very old.

Got back home and got the food ready for the WI. Shared a portion of fish & chips with Chris before welcoming the latest guest into one of the cottages. Had a few phone calls and emails to see to before going to the WI. This evening our guests speaker was a local organ grinder. We had a very interesting talk and demonstration. Did refreshments with Joanna and the evening finished a bit earlier than usual but it meant when I got back I could catch up with any bookings (and Chris had taken a few). Finished about 10.30.