Wednesday 8 August The bog roll run

Most of the morning went in usual bits and trying to catch up with bits I hadnt done so fa this week. After linch I popped into Bakewell which was busy and it took me longer than ususal to get back home.

Late afternoon we went to Makro in Sheffield. We had a good run – whether it was because of the school holidays or just good timing – we go every 2-3 months to stock up on consumables and any other item which we need that they sell (we have got most of our hoovers from here). We call it the ‘bog roll run’ because the item we come back with is usually a couple of hundred toilet rolls. We have to get them both for the cottages and B&B and try to get enough to last a few months. Today was the usual shopping basket of washing powder and cleaning materials etc before we did a second run for all the toilet rolls. We also stopped for a quick bite at their cafe. Makro is for businesses only whereas Costco down the road from Makro is also for the public. The one at Sheffield opened last year and we paid to be business members but we have not bought much from them. We also stopped off at B&Q in Sheffield on the way back but they are extending the store and we couldn’t find what we wanted so left. Home about 8.30pm. Now I have got to put everything away!