Wednesday 7 November

Up and out with the dogs then a phone call to the vets. Last night one of Blue’s ears looked a bit sore so we decided to play safe. This gave me a couple of hours to get some things done. The lady from Ashford dropped by at coffee time. Went down to the vets but could not find a place to park so parked behind in another area where there is a wine shop. Unusual thing about this vets is you are just as likely to bump into a horse as another dog. They have a door for the ‘small’ animals and one for the ‘large’ animals. Despite a full car park I was the only one in the waiting room. Blue settled and wasn’t phased by being here. In a few minutes a door opened and out came a couple with a dog – one of our guests – their dog also has an ear infection! We have four dogs here this week, last week we had nine dogs at one stage! Went into the consulting room and the vet got Blue onto the table and summoned a nurse in case he started to wriggle, but he was very good. The vet confirmed the early stages of an ear infection so he was given some ear drops. Took him back to the car and I popped into the wine shop and bought a couple of bottles of wine. Then went into Bakewell and got my shopping. Talked to Sarah in Critchlows who has just had her cottages inspected by the tourist board. (Ours is due shortly). She was able to tell me what the ‘hot’ topics were this year.

Came back and had lunch. This morning Chris has been working in one of the cottages with the handyman switching the position of a fridge and dishwasher but whilst in Bakewell I saw the Co-Op had some fridges for sale so I will take Chris to look at them. Decided to spend a bit more time outside but first booked another years advertising with the WI magazine. We get a lot of approaches from magazines and papers to advertise with them but we are very selective about advertising in the media. Planted about 50 bulbs and some shrubs before coming back in. Had another purge on paper work before sitting down to watch the Nature of Britain. Isn’t it nice to see a nature program about Britain.