Wednesday 7 January

No snow when woke up but we did have some flurrying about 9.30. Haven’t been shopping food wise for a few weeks and with it looking ominous decided Sainsbury’s at Matlock was the best bet. Did my usual chores before setting off and back in time for lunch. Had planned an afternoon of keeping up straight with accounts but a lot of interruptions meant that didn’t happen. Chris and handyman are progressing well but not as quickly as they planned. Today they replaced the shower which took longer to finish because of a dribble. Finally finished putting all the decorations away and started on the outdoor ones. After dinner collected Joanna for the WI committee meeting. It was very foggy but it had cleared by the time we came back. It was a longer than usual meeting but only because we had a good old natter! Some good news from my sister in that she has finally secured a permanent Radiographers position at Watford General Hospital.