Wednesday 6 February

So what is it to be. Should we have a typical day or down tools and make the most of a sunny day and go for a walk. Took the dogs for a quick walk while Chris had a telephone conference. Got everything ready and left by 10.30 – the earliest we have been able to get away for ages. Drove down to Ecton Bridge by the River Manifold. A short three mile walk around to Wetton via Top of Ecton and back along the Manifold trail. One thing we were not expecting was the mud and this was up a hill. I slipped over twice so came back with muddy trousers. We had some nice views on the way up but stopped for luch in the dale on the way down. It was a nice sunny quit spot. We didn’t see anyone else on this stretch of the walk. When we got to Wetton the tea room was closed ( which we expected) but we stopped by the river to give the dogs a wash – they didn’t like that. Then we walked back along the trail to the car passing through the Swainsly tunnel. The trail is a part of what was the Leek and Manifold light railway. Stopped off at Haddon Grove Cottages to see James and Louise. Had a chance to see around some of the cottages. They have been there exactly a year today. Came back and sorted out emails and phonecalls. After tea went to Buxton to see the the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). It was quite an entertaining evening.