Wednesday 5 September Ghost Towns

After breakfast I went down to Bakewell to get a few bits. As it was only 10 am I thought I would try parking in the council run car park. As a resident I have a car park permit which allows limited free parking until 11am and from 4pm. The problem is that because of the B&B and cottages these are the times I need to be at home and in quieter times I am ‘fighting’ with all the other residents for the limited spaces so most times I rarely bother. Today I thought I would and I was surprised to find a space. In fact I was surprised at how quiet Bakewell was. It was strange. I did not know if it was because the schools were back, but then we are full. One of the items I bought was a condolence card for one of our regular guests whose daughter had died. She had been ill for a long time. When I got back I did all my regular jobs so I could go out again in the afternoon to Chesterfield.

It was nearly 2.30 before I got away but I had a good run. I parked in my usual car park and it was quite empty. In fact I thought Chesterfield was pretty empty too! They were preparing the well dressings for this weekend. I zipped round Chesterfield and went to Dunelm before Morrisons. I got back home just before 7pm. There was a number of messages, both phone and emails, to take care of, and by the time we had eaten and I had sorted out the emails and phone calls it was 9.30 before I sat down and watched Heroes. Thank Heavens for DVD recorders!