Wednesday 5 March Chesterfield and Flagg

Up and off to Chesterfield earlier than usual as Chris took dogs out for their walk – that confused them – they were still looking at me with the expression that said when are you taking us out. A quick walk around Chesterfield before going to Dunelm and Morrisons on the way home. Wednesday is a quieter day in Chesterfield as there is no official market but the regular markets are always popular and busy and the Thursday market, a flea market is always interesting. As went there early was able to get back early which was good as I had the annual WI celebration meal to look forward to. This was at the Edge Close Tea Rooms at Flagg not far from here. Flagg is a small village and is famous for its annual point to point race held every Easter Tuesday. I is the last remaining natural point to point run over ntural countryside. We have been to Flagg Races ( a couple of times and it is an interesting afternoon. Picked up Joanna before heading round to Flagg. A nice meal and time was had by all.