Wednesday 30 January Day of Reckoning and an outing

Up and dogs for walk. A nice fine morning and signs of spring, snowdrops, greenshoots, my hellebores are flowering, They were here when we moved in but I do love them. One cleaner up to do the public areas, the office, and leisure area. Then we went around the empty cottages to double check. After the cleaner left we had an early lunch and the Inspector turned up just after 1pm. For the last two years I have had the same inspector so it is nice to have a different one. We went up to one of the empty cottages and went through al the papaer work first. She then did an inventory of the kitchen items (there is a standard inventory we should adhere to). Until recently we had to have a rolling pin in each cottage along with cake tins in case guests wished to bake cakes. (We still keep a set in stock just in case). She then went through each room alone making notes but only a few minor points were made. We then went through each cottage in turn, guests were back in one already so she had a quick look in that one. In empty ones she had a more detailed look. We then went and did the B&B rooms. Until this year the inspector would book in anomously but apparantly now or established B&B’s it will now be every three years. She was here about three hours.

In the evening we met up with the previous owners Tony and Jan and went to the Whitworth Hotel at Darley Dale. It changed hands about a year ago and have heard good reports about the food. They have a good menu and we all enjoyed our food. We had a good natter and got home about 11.30 pm due in part to the fact that the bottom of our road was closed and we had to find an alternative route. Coming back we drove through Chatsworth park. There were plenty of sheep around and we saw a couple of deer too.