Wednesday 30 April

A cooler day today but I have progressed from winter outerwear to spring outerwear when taking the dogs for their morning walk. One cottage out and one back in. One cleaner up and cottage cleaned. Guests arrived just after lunch. This is one of my fellow WI ladies and her husband who need somewhere for a few weeks while their house is being redecorated. As I now had a free afternoon I decided to tackle some of my jobs on the outstanding list starting with lining a pair of curtains. Whilst I was sewing I noticed some cows in a field where they should not be – until I realised Andrew had let some more cows into the fields. Decided they were going to be the first one to come over here. As we are approaching a Bank Holiday weekend we are starting to get phone calls about weekend availability, although our web site states we have no vacancies. Last phone call was at 10pm today.