Wednesday 3 September

Another bright start which lasted until midday. Dry enough for a few hours to put some washing out. One B&B out with one back in and one cleaner up to urn room round. Now I have my new linen I have the process of ironing it for its first use. This I will do in batches as to iron 45 duvet covers, 45 fitted sheets and 120 pillow cases in one go will take time! After lunch went down to Bakewell to get some bits for the next few days. By now the rain had set in. I then went on to the Peak Outlet Village at Rowsley to indulge in a little retail therapy which I haven’t done since before I went on holiday! Came back with a couple of pairs of sandals and a few other items of clothing. When got back the B&B guests had arrived. After dinner we went over to Biggin to have a look at the video clips taken last week. It was interesting to see the recording studio and how the clips are and can be put together. At the end of the evening we had selected the shots we wanted and had put together a video lasting about four minutes. There are still a few clips that need to be added and we will go over again next week to see the final draft and decide if any more editing is required.