Wednesday 3 October change of plans

I had spent an hour last night going through our walks to decide which one to do today. The initial forecast had been for a lovely day but nobody reminded the weather! It was quite misty and dull. I hoped if we waited long enough it would brighten up but even by midday it had not changed. This was to be our first day off for a while as we had no one coming in or out and I had really been looking forward to stretching the legs and clearing the brain. In the end we decided to go to Ashbourne as we have not been there for a while and I do like the town. Also we need to buy a gift for Chris’s parents diamond wedding anniversary so a little browsing would help. Only we have never been on a Wednesday and discovered it was half day closing! Having said that most were open so we had a little walk around the town before having lunch. We then browsed a few shops for ideas before driving back a different way to have a look at some villages we don’t know that well.

After tea Geoff called in to return some plumbing tools. We had a cup of tea and after he left we did some end of quarter accounts before sitting down just before 10pm.