Wednesday 29 October Home Alone

A lovely frosty start to the day and it remained nice for the rest of the day. Chris made a quick departure after breakfasts as he had a training session in Buxton. This left me alone (with the dogs) for the rest of the day. After usual tasks did some housework and odd jobs and after lunch planted some spring bulbs in hanging baskets. Ian was muck spreading so there was quite a whiff in the air. The milk cows were out today but went in about 3pm. It is unlikely I will see them again until next spring. There is a point when it is more productive to leave them inside otherwise their bodies use more energy in keeping warm rather than producing milk. In the next few days we will be losing the hooligans and gaining some mature dry cows before they also ‘go home’ to the farm for winter. Stil don’t know if will have some sheep or the winter. Did some paper work before Chris got back. After dinner Geoff called round and sat down in time to watch Silent Witness while recording Heroes.