Wednesday 29 August a mixed day

A busier day today with one cottage and both B&B room out and one cottage and B&B in. The cottage left late and had not left it clean or tidy so I was glad two cleaners had come up today to do the cottage and both rooms (just in case). I gave them a hand tidying up in the cottage but also had to find some spare linen (as the laundry had not returned) and do some ironing. I chased the laundry and was told I would have it back tomorrow. As it was nice I also did some extra washing. The cottage guests phoned just after lunch to say the car had broken down and they were waiting for the AA so they were not sure what time they would turn up. Luckily they arrived later in the afternoon. They have been here before, in fact it is their third stay with us. The B&B guests also arrived later in the afternoon. Chris went down to the farm to get Andrew to sign some paperwork and help Fay decide on a laptop for university. Chris had spent most of the day with the handyman sorting out the felled trees from Monday. The fellers had left the tree in manageable rings, small branches and twigs so the piles needed moving and the bigger logs made smaller. Recorded Heroes as was watching the second part of Silent Witness.