Wednesday 28 November Chesterfield

Up for an 8am delivery but with no breakfast to do planned to go to Chesterfield once I had done my usual bits. Had last delivery of tea and coffee before Christmas. One cottage out today, they arrived on Sunday and have been here a few times before. Chris and the handyman took down the front fence as it is being replaced next week. So at the moment we have an ‘open plan’ garden. I set off for Chesterfield about 11.30 and had a good journey. Spent about three hours in Chesterfield but I did buy myself some things for a change. Other than that it was bits for the cottages and B&B. Came back via Morrisons by which time it was chucking it down with rain. Spoke to our friends had dinner and spoke to my sister. We are hoping to go on a cruise again next year so we have decided on the best date for her to ask for time off from work. Also Geoff called in while Margaret was at choir practise, we are going to the performance next weekend. Watched Heroes. Last episode (double bill) next week. Can’t wait!