Wednesday 28 May Happy Anniversary

So I have been blogging for a year now. Hasn’t it gone quickly. Today was up for an early breakfast. It was still misty but with the promise of something better as well as the risk of thundery downpours. With no guests leaving or arriving in theory it was a day off. Too miserable for a walk and with half term I decided any indoor attractions might be too busy. So we went shopping! Chose the MacArthur Glenn Outlet Centre by junction 28 of the M1. I like it because it has a Thornton’s and Cadbury’s outlet! Chris had to take the 2kg of Licorice Allsorts and the assorted choccies back to the car before I started on the clothes! It also has a M&S store and I bought something from there and also from another store too. We had a late lunch at Thorntons. Didn’t need a dinner. Stopped off at the Matlock Garden Centre on the way back. The cloud was beginning to lift but we could tell there had been a heavy down pour in the recent past by the amount of water on the road. When we got home we discovered that there had been nearly an inch of rain, as much as we have had all month. The post had brought the excursion list for the cruise so I ended up studying that this evening rather than blogging.