Wednesday 27th Feb lots going on today

‘What’s that?’ I woke up with a start. ‘An earthquake.’ he replied matter of factly. The room was shaking and I could hear rattling. It only lasted a few seconds but I could not get back to sleep for a while. If it was an earthquake would there be aftershocks? When I woke up the first thing I did was turn on the news to find confirmation that it was an earthquake centred on Market Rasen, about 70 miles away. Two cleaners up to catch up with cleaning. Went to Chatsworth House for a networking event which also involved the annual leaflet swap. Here we were able to pick up this years leaflets for local attractions. As we have eight cottages and the B&B we came away with five bags of leaflets! We were also able to chat to some of the staff at the attractions and other accommodation providers. They were doing some filming at Chatsworth, don’t know what for, but we could see all the trailers and banks of lights and a smoke (or fog) machine was in action as we left. First lambs out in he fields at Green Cowden.

In the afternoon went down to Bakewell to have my hair done. Took the couple (with their dogs) who had no car down with me so they could wander around town. In the evening we went to Simply Thai at Buxton. We had a nice meal before coming back and watching Torchwood.