Wednesday 27 august

Had my list and managed to cross off most of it! After breakfasts took dogs for walk. Still dull but still mild but more sun forecast for today. Washing done and out and now I just need to wait for delivery of new washing machine. Checked on cottage for this afternoons guests and also did some general tidying up. Chris and the handyman had hoped to do some work on one of the cottage roofs but the guests are late risers so they will probably wait until next week now but they did some work around the garden. I spent some time trying to organise a courier for one of the guests who had left something behind. New guests arrived about 3pm. Did a little more of this months accounts before new washing machine arrived at about 5.30. Got Chris to install it so I could try it out but unfortunately found that it had a leak. Determined the problem and fixed it but after the rinse and spin programmes found another problem so will have to make a phone call tomorrow. After hanging up washing sat down about 9.30 and watched a programme I had recorded on Sunday – A Man and His Dogs which was very interesting and enjoyable. Blue enjoyed it too, will have some nose marks to wipe off the TV tomorrow! With good weather forecast for the weekend have started to get phone calls about availability for this weekend. Pity the sun hadn’t shown its face today!