Wednesday 26 November when things dont go to plan

A bit milder today but dull. ground is starting to firm up again and the last remaining cows on this side of the road are no longer in our fields. Sheep will be arriving soon. One of the hens is looking a bit scrawny so it probably wont last much longer. No one in or out but one cleaner up to clean a cottage for the weekend. Chris and the handyman have been boxing in pipe work in bathrooms and tiling over it. Had an arrangement to meet a couple for lunch at the Riverside Hotel in Ashford for lunch. Chris has got to know the couple through his digital photography sessions and we had always wanted to try the Riverside for lunch as the set lunch has a good reputation and a good price. We had just sat down for lunch when his mobile phone went – the handyman had put a nail through a water pipe. So Chris had to rush back leaving me to enjoy a very nice lunch. He came back in time for coffee! When we stayed in Ashford on our very first visit to the Peak District in 1993 we stayed in a holiday cottage owned by the then owners of the Riverside and had a very good meal there then. When got back spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out paperwork for dad and making a list of things still to be done. Geoff also called round but sat down in time to watch Heroes.