Wednesday 24 September

A day with no-one in or out. Chris had an IT update training session at Buxton in the afternoon so I went to Leek with one of the cleaners for a few hours as it was market day. Although we have been to Leek a few times it is always nice to go with someone who knows the place and can point out interesting shops. The market is not as big as Bakewell and some of stalls that are at Bakewell are at Leek, but it has a nice feel about it and being a sunny day it was quite busy. Back for a late lunch after which Sandra (our former regular guest from Ashford in the Water) popped up with her brother to show him where they used to stay. Did an early dinner as we were going over to review the progress of the video. By the end of the evening we had agreed on the final changes so we should get the finished product next week.