Wednesday 24 October A walk!

Up for an 8am breakfast so although new B&B guests were to arrive later in the day (they were here earlier in the summer) we had declared today as a ‘day off’. Thought we would be able to get away early but a number of phone calls and emails meant it was gone 11 before we left (I did get a number of bookings though). We parked at the Peak Village outlet car park and headed into Rowsley. Just behind the Peacock we turned and picked up the path beside the Derwent towards Chatsworth. This was to be a relatively easy 5 mile walk with gentle ascents and descents. We walked through Calton Lees and then towards Calton House before walking across open farmland where there were some nice views. We headed for a spot that the walk said ‘a nice spot for a picnic‘. Well perhaps it was a few year ago. Trees now obscure the views to an extent but we still sat and had lunch. We also used the map and tried to work out where Bolehill was. I was convinced we would be able to see our place but it was too hazy. From here we headed back down to Rowsley but made a brief detour as we thought we might be able to get a glimpse of Haddon Hall from another path but found we couldn’t. When they filmed Jane Eyre here a few years ago the production team etc were looking for accommodation in the area and we were approached, the problem was they wanted accommodation for three months and I had no cottages I could offer for the full period as I already had bookings for the spring. It was interesting watching the series and it did bring more visitors to the area. Once back in Rowsley we walked around the shopping center before heading home. By this time there were a number of messages ad emails to see to. Our guests arrived about 5pm. After tea I dealt with the days bookings and brochure requests before sitting down to watch the Nature of Britain. At the end they had a report on the falcons at Derby Cathedral and I suddenly wondered if they finish the program with a local item as last week they looked at Hardwick Hall. Either that or the rest of Britain also saw the article on the Derby falcons.