Wednesday 23 January.

Guests out after breakfast and one cleaner up to turn room around and do public areas. Had a last minute cancellation due to hospitalisation so started to replace lino in another cottage. Help Chris move bits about and get lino ready for cutting. After lunch started to catch up with myself. Deposits for bookings are starting to come in and I need to try and stay on top of paper work. Despite that I made time to plant the last of my spring bulbs. Unlikely they will flower this year. Have just received the catalogue for summer bedding plants and will have to order those in the next few weeks. Also noticed my linen supplier is having a sale and this includes my usual linen so I must make a decision and order in the next few days. New B&B guests arrived about 3.30pm. Inspector phoned to confirm inspection for next week. She will inspect both the cottages and B&B – usually they stay the night but this time it will be a day inspection. Got some personal work sorted out and sat down in time for Torchwood.