Wednesday 22 August a dog day

Still a strong breeze taking the edge of the temperatures but today was our ‘day off’. As usual there is always something to thwart this. Today it was a spilt cup of tea that had stained a bedroom carpet. Chris had a go at cleaning it but the stain was still visible. By the time I had done my usual bits it was almost midday. My aim today had been to visit the Dovedale Sheepdog Trials near Ilam. We set off just after one pm and found it without a problem. It was a lovely setting if a little windswept with views towards Thorpe Cloud, but with the setting being elevated the impact of its shape from the road blended into the background. We watched a number of the singles and doubles in the competition and had a sandwich. Smudge had his picture taken for the Dovedale Sheepdog Trial Scrapbook – not that he took part but a couple of times they caught sight of the moving collies and you could see they wanted to join in! The competition was taking place over two days. We learnt about the terminology and what was supposed to happen so we could follow the competition. After a few hours we moved on – it was nice to know that next year the English Annual Sheepdog Trials will be taking place here. I had thought about a short walk but Chris suggested doing Thorpe Cloud! I had wanted to do that on my Birthday but it rained so as we were in the vicinity it seemed a good idea. We parked in the village of Thorpe and set off across the fields to pick up the path. It was a very breezy climb to the top and it was a shorter climb than I thought. The views were worth it as it was clear enough to see for miles. We did the usual photos of the dogs on top of the hill to add to the collection before we went back down. We had a walk around the village before going back home. After tea I had planned to sit down early and watch the program ‘Heroes’. There are very few programmes I aim to watch but this is one that has hooked me. With such programmes we always record them so if the phone goes I can still watch it. With a good forecast for the weekend I had a rush of emails and phone calls. I sat down about 9.30 but even after 10pm the phone still rang a couple of times.