Wednesday 20 August Sheffield

At least it was dry when I took dogs for a walk after doing breakfast. Andrew was engaged in a bit of cow moving and as a result we have the hooligans back in the front field. Chris went to help. After we had finished all the chores we set off for Sheffield for the ‘bog roll run’. First stop was Bookers which is not far from Makro. We registered with them although we did not buy anything today. When we got to Makro we had lunch the did our two rounds to get all our bits. We then went onto B&Q and the new Screwfix depot to check them out. We then stopped at Halfords and Comets where we ordered a new washing machine. Back home to unload and sort out phone calls an emails. Interesting to see that BMX is an Olympic sport so perhaps it is something to encourage youngsters to do. Sat down to watch the last episode of ‘The House of Saddam’.