Wednesday 16 July Oslo

Our final port of call on this cruise. Arrived early morning after a bumpy night in the Skagerak. Another sunny day with some clouds greeted us and with plenty of time I split the walking into exploring the city in two parts although we would not get to see the Ski jump at the edge of town. As we were able to dock in Oslo we did not need a shuttle bus and we spent most of the morning exploring the old fortress and its grounds which was beside the boat. Back for lunch after which we rested on the deck (in the sun) for an hour. Having completely worn my sister out with walking I went back into town to see a bit more for an hour but made a hasty retreat back to the boat as the sky suddenly looked very ominous. There was a shower during afternoon tea and then we watched as we set sail for Dover. A Farewell Drink with the Captain proceeded the final formal dinner tonight the highlight of which was the Baked Alaska parade. We decided on an early night and with further unsettled waters promised made sure I took a travel sickness pill.