Wednesday 16 January

Not a good a day as yesterday. Had a lot planned and although achieved most it seemed fraught. We had had a good inch of rain by 10am. Perhaps more than anything it was a phone call from someone who was enquiring about making a booking that put a spanner in the works. As we do not allow smoking in the cottages she felt she could not proceed with booking. She then phoned me back and started to get quite aggressive which upset me. I felt quite shaken for a few hours afterwards. After lunch I spent a few hours going around the empty cottages doing odd jobs. I also lined a pair of curtains, one of those jobs I have been meaning to do for months.

Over the last few days Chris and the handyman have been busy in some of the cottages doing odd jobs and also fixing a leak in one of the cottages caused by crumbling mortar.

Sat down in time to watch Torchwood.