Wednesday 14 November

With both B&B couples having a late breakfast this put everything behind. Today two cottages and one B&B leaving with one cottage arriving. One cleaner up who did the leisure area and two cottages. Said goodbye to the heifers who were taken back across the road. So no more cows in our fields for this year but there is the possibility we might have some sheep grazing. Watch this space.

Chris and the handyman carried on with their work in one of the cottages and I spent an hour tidying up outside. I also made a potato head for this evenings WI meeting. It is the 60th anniversary of the Over Haddon WI. Tonights meeting had a potato theme. First the AGM part. Joanna is going to be Secretary next year with the President and Treasurer carrying on in their posts. I volunteered to join the committee. Then we had a couple of games of potato rolling, a bit like bowls. We had baked potatos followed by potato and chocolate cake!