Wednesday 14 May

A lot more going on today. Up and with early breakfasts ready to go to Buxton shopping by 10.30. Chris decided to come with me. We stopped in Cafe Nero for a drink then got a few bits in town before coming back via Morrisons. Had lunch before my next cottage guests arrived With Andrew and Joanna away for a few days Chris went down with Smudge to ensure the cows went in for milking, as he did yesterday. Unfortunately today he lost one of his caps, thought he had put it in his pocket but must of fallen out. I cooked dinner for us and Ian and also sausage rolls for the WI. Went down to WI where today’s meeting was about the resolutions to be discussed at the WI AGM in Liverpool. After that we had an update about he plans for the village hall. We then had a couple of games of card bingo and our supper. Home by 10.30. While I was out Geoff called round to see Chris and brought some spare plants for our pond.