Wednesday 12 September What a day

Our day off in theory. After breakfast and usual bits Chris had a tap to fix in one of the cottages. Its easy to forget that here problems are multiplied by nine. I had sorted out a couple of potential walks in the dark peak area either by Howden Dam or Edale. In the end Chris chose Edale – but not the walk I had selected. We have not been to Edale since we moved here and the last time we went there was to look at a couple of properties when we were looking for somewhere. One was a development opportunity, now developed, and the other an existing business.

It was certainly a warm day and we set of from Edale along the Pennine Way briefly before turning off and heading up to Grindslow Knoll. It was a bit of a climb but I made it (although there was a lot of puffing from me!) The views were worth it. We had lunch by he cairn stones then walked along the top and looked for the path down by Crowden Brook. Luckily someone ahead was going the same way. It was a steep path down (many wouldn’t like it) but I took it at my own speed. It was a four mile walk, well 1 1/2 up, 1/2 along, 1 1/2 down the the final stretch back along the Pennine Way into Edale. It took nearly 4 1/2 hours to do the walk (including lunch) Back at Edale we thought we would stop and look at the Moorland Center, but it was closing as it was 5pm. We stopped for a drink then as we were going back to the car I realised I had left my walking stick at the Moorland center (I had put it down when we had tied up the dogs). Luckily a couple had seen us leave and they saw us come back and showed us where they had put it.

We got home where I found I had just 3/4 hour before I had to pick Joanna for WI. Some hot air balloons went over and that got the dogs barking.

WI tonight was a talk about a local charity called ‘Challenge Cancer through Adventure’ which raises funds for terminally ill and cancer sufferers to undertake an adventurous challenge, eg abseiling.

And of course the last news we wanted to hear – its back. Foot and mouth has been confirmed in Surrey again. Today was the first of the big sheep sales in Bakewell and the numbers of sheep temporarily grounded ranged from 6-12000. Watch this space again.