Wednesday 11 June a mixed day

A cooler day and woken by Andrew in the field on the tractor. Realised that he was checking on the cows early so that they could complete the silaging at the Mycocks today. Just started breakfast when the phone rang. It was Joanna saying Shirley (my name sake cow) had given birth. This was about a week early and as she was still in the back field Chris rushed up with his camera to find not just one calf but two! Shirley had had twins! Unfortunately this was not good news for Andrew as she had one of both sexes and in most cases a heifer born with a bull is sterile, so it looks like there wont be a Shirley III in the fields in the years to come. Shirley II should be here next year. So without my usual assistance breakfast was a little late, just as well the two couples were chatting away. After serving breakfast took dogs for a walk and hung up laundry. Then went shopping with one of the cleaners. She occasionally goes shopping to the charity shops at Alderley Edge and Wilmslow and I thought it would be interesting to go too. First we stopped to check on the foal that had just been born to her mare then we went to Buxton to get some petrol. As there was a queue at Morrisons went to the Esso station where she filled up with no problems. We went over the Cat & Fiddle to Macclesfiled but did a detour to Teggs Nose Country Park as I had asked about it. You get lovely views across the Chesire Plain and Jodrell Bank was clearly visible. From Macclesfield we went across country to Alderley Edge. Legend has it that Merlin is buried here, hence a lot of pubs/restaurants are named ‘Merlin’. This part of Cheshire is also home to many wealthy residents as well as a lot of footballers so the charity shops can be filled with some pretty good stuff. A couple are more like ‘designer outlets’. I joked that I had never been to a charity shop where all the coat hangers were wooden! Still I did buy a couple of T shirts. We had to be back for end of school and when I got back Chris was not here. He turned up later having been to buy a leaf sucker. After dinner I went to pick up Joanna for WI. Ian and Andrew were on there way to help finish ‘sheeting up’ or covering the silage. So now all the silaging is done and its back to normal. Tonight’s speaker was a local farmers wife who gave us an entertaining insight into her life. I learnt a few new things but knowing Joanna’s life much was familiar to me. Tonight’s competition was an animal ornament and one of my hippo ornaments won a mug!