Wednesday 1 August Stanage Edge!

Hello August. With nobody going out or coming in I hoped to have a few hours off today. Chris’ foot seemed well enough to go for a walk so we headed for Hathersage and a short but relatively easy circular walk including a part of Stanage Edge. We avoided Bakewell, which was just as well as the traffic was queueing almost to Ashford. We could have gone to the Show but have been a few times now so it is nice to give it a miss.

The views from the Edges are spectacular, the only fly in the ointment from Stanage Edge is the cement works in the Hope Valley. Like a lot of the other Edges it is a mecca for climbers and it was quite interesting to see the array of equipment they use. The dogs were more interested in the para glider. It most probably looked like a big bird to them. We ate lunch with our feet dangling over a rock. The lower part of the walk skirted the North Lees Estate, which is reputed to be the house that Jane Austin used as a basis for Mr Rochester’s home in Jane Eyre.

It had clouded up a bit by the time we had got home but it was a warm day and I enjoyed my ice cream on the patio!