Weather Stats 2 March

Was in the process of collating February’s stats from our Peak District Cottages when I realised I had not given the information for January. So here it is.

Warmest day 12/1 with highest temp of 7.9 deg. with the night before being the warmest night. Coldest day was 6/1 with lowest temp -5.7 on 10/1 which was the coldest night. Wettest day was 12/1 with .79 in rain with total for January of 3.58in (6.9 in Jan 2008)

Warmest day 27/2 with highest temp of 8.3 deg on 24th. Warmest night 18th. Coldest day was 3/2 with lowest temp of -4.7 deg with a wind chill of -10,2 deg! Wettest day was 9th with 0.17 in with total rain for February 0.6 in (2.41 in Feb 2008). A dry start to 2009.