Tusday 4 September a lot for a quiet day

Another fine day. By 8am there was three cows with Asbos, two had jumped over the wall into our field and one walked across the cattle grid into the road. This years youngsters are a real bunch of hooligans! Andrew & Joanna came over and sorted them out and late that morning Andrew came up with Ian and built up the bit f wall that was causing the problem. After I had done my usual bits Chris and I had coffee on the patio with our guest who is moving to Ashford. Cannot remember the last time we had coffee on the patio! After that we sat down and got on with he task of filling out all the tax returns. We had just finalised them when we got a phone call from Joanna. A cow about to calf needed to be rolled over as the calf was twisted. This happens occasionally so Chris donned his overalls and went down to help while I finished the tax returns. Luckily the procedure worked and Andrew was further delighted that it was a heifer calf – the third today.

By now it was gone 2.30 and we had not had lunch. As it was nice we drove over Longnor just a few miles away over the border in Staffordshire. It was once a thriving market town but now is a much quieter place. the old Market Hall is a Craft Center and coffee shop and we parked outside on the cobbles and Chris had a ham roll and I had a piece of cake. We had a little wander around Longnor and found the well dressing. (They also have a day of races on Thursday)Longnor as used in the series ‘Peak Practice’ and is the start of some walks along both the upper Dove and Manifold valleys. We then drove over to the Roaches, a rocky outcrop between Buxton and Leek. We had hoped to catch the heather in bloom but it was just past it best. We will come here next year as the heather against the rocky outcrops could make some excellent photos.

We were away for a few hours and came back along roads we had not driven along before. After tea I dealt with a couple of bookings and brochure requests before sitting down at 9.30.