Tuesday 9 December

After another cold night a hard frost and the remaining snow had become icy. A delivery of maintenance supplies arrived about 8.30. After doing the laundry one of the cleaners arrived and we went to Booker’s in Chesterfield to stock up on supplies for the cottages. Chris and the handyman were adding some extra insulation to one of the cottages and I thought it would be helpful to have someone with me to jog my memory even though I had a list. Stopped at Dunelm on the way back! Afternoon went in putting things away, getting fire going, writing a mas letter and catching up on emails etc. After dinner made some phone calls before sitting down (and doing more Xmas cards) for Country House Rescue which featured Ruth Watson from The Hotel Inspector. Lets hope she can turn around some of these places. Perhaps they should look at how Tissington Hall has been turned around. (http://www.tissington-hall.com/.)