Tuesday 8 July Stockholm

Woken at 4am by pilot being brought on board. Cool and showers forecast for today but from the moment we stepped off the shuttle bus in Stockholm it drizzled. Walked around the Stamla Gan (old town) before walking around to the City Hall. There are some interesting old buildings but I am sure it would have looked better in the sun. With not enough time to visit the Vasa museum we went back to the boat to grab a late lunch. I managed to get some blogging in before Afternoon Tea which was a chocolate based one so there was a big queue and lots of photos being taken. I was very good(!) and had some fruit dipped in chocolate. We went for a swim again before dinner which was informal. With a longer cruise we are finding that we are chatting to more passengers which is nice. After dinner we went to the cinema to see the film Cloverfield. It is an unusual film and would not be to everyone’s liking. There were only 10 of us there to start with and only 5 survived the whole film. A quick Horlicks from the gourmet feast before retiring and putting our watches forward an hour for the second time since we left Dover.