Tuesday 7 October

A wet but mild start and took dogs out after doing breakfast. Had arranged to go to Macclesfield with one of the cleaners and she arrived just after 11am when I was just finishing servicing the B&B room. It was still raining on and off but by the time we arrived at Macclesfield it had stopped. On the road from Buxton to Macclesfield (considered one of the most dangerous in the UK) I noticed by one of the side roads a sign advising travellers not to use that road and reset their sat nav. I was told that this road had a sharp bend that many larger vehicles could not negotiate! The main purpose of our visit was to see what was on offer at TJ Hughes. I had not been able to find it on my previous visits but now know where it is and also another car park to use. I was also introduced to a lovely deli (I think it was called the Cheshire Gap) which did nice take away sandwiches as well as a range of other yummies. As we were short of time coming back we picked up her daughter from school before coming back here. Caught up with emails and phone calls and did another load of washing. Had a very sharp shower before the sun came out. After dinner finished off a few bits before sitting down at 9pm.