Tuesday 7 August Chesterfield & animal antics

Forgot to mention a possible fawn in one of Andrews wheat field yesterday. A local farmer had spotted a roe deer with fawn in one of the fields and knew the field was likely to be harvested soon. The roe deer would probably run off with the commotion but the fawn would stay put until it was too late. It is very unusual to have deer here.

The day started bright and sunny and I had to take the dogs on an alternative walk as the cows had been herded to the top of the field for spraying. At this time of year the cows need regular spraying because of the flies. As Andrew was not well our handyman also helped.

I had planned to go to Bakewell then on to Chesterfield but as I had enough for breakfast for tomorrow and I could do the banking in Chesterfield I decided to skip Bakewell. The aim was to leave here by 11am but by the time I finished and had an early lunch I did not leave until 1pm.

There are a lot of outdoor jobs still to do this summer but sometimes it is dependant on guests being out. If they remain in then we don’t want to do any of the noisy jobs but sometimes we have to or nothing would get done. A lot of guests comment on our peacefulness.

I had a good run into Chesterfield and found a space to park with no problem. I thought my usual car park might still be closed as it is close to Somerfields whose roof recently caught fire.
My route today was Rosebys, M&S, Co-op, Poundstretcher, Argos,(DVD player) Woolworths, BHS and Wilkinson. I also bought a skirt from a small store but forgot the banking. I then went onto Dunelm which was open again but the layout was different. Then onto Morrisons and home. When I got home I found that the Tourist Information Center had found us some B&B guests to fill a gap of a couple of nights.

The good weather means we have now filled the last of our vacancies for the summer. Just as I was about to finish for the night one of the guests reported a bat in the games room. We left it to its own devices and it soon flew out. A busy day.