Tuesday 6 November

Another bright and sunny start. Had planned to go to Bakewell later in the morning but first got three loads of washing done whilst waiting for a visitor. She was from a local training firm who have some European funding available for certain training. I have a Food Hygiene Certificate which needs to be renewed regularly and she was able to arrange a refresher course for me next month. I showed her one of the cottages and we talked about any other training we needed (I mentioned a dry stone walling course for Chris but that is not in her remit!) A telephone call with a late booking held me up so I decided to go to Bakewell later in the day. After lunch I wrapped up and spent a couple of hours pottering around the garden. I planned where my bulbs are going to go and planted some small potted shrubs in the area cleared last week freeing up some pots for other uses. As it darkened I pottered inside before doing tea. Got some accounts finished before sitting down to watch Spooks. I do like the format of the new series.