Tuesday 6 May

A day that seemed to go quickly. Another nice start so able to put some washing out to dry. One B&B out and one back in so one cleaner up today to turn both b&B rooms around. After my usual bits went down to Bakewell with Blue and got provisions for the next few days. Another 40 hanging basket plants arrived today so potted them on this afternoon as well as sorting out the remaining plants from Saturday, mainly acidic loving plants, and finding some pots for them – still have to pot them on. Handyman up today and set about planting in some of my purchases! B&B guests arrived about 4pm. After an early dinner phoned a friend and did some paper work before sitting down for Waking the Dead. Another sign of summer is that the swallows are back. Cant remember if they were here this early last year. Cows should be coming over into the front field in the next few days.