Tuesday 6 January

A bright but cold day. It was -4.7 when I got up and reached -2.4 at its peak! Think I am getting used to this cold spell as I found myself wandering amongst the cottages without a jacket! Checked cottages to make sure all decorations were down before packing the final boxes ready to go up in the loft for another 11 months. Also took down our tree today. Spent some time with Chris planing the kitchens in Bluebell and Honeysuckle. Hopefully the changes we are planning will create more workable space too. One cleaner up and another cottage in today. They are here for four weeks as they live on a mobile home park and one of the conditions is that they must vacate the home for four weeks when the park closes, usually in January. Thought we might have to go to Sheffield to get some tiles but when Chris went to the kitchen wholesalers in Buxton he was able to buy some tiles at Focus. Took a few more bookings today but sat down for 8pm to watch County House Rescue, even if I did pop back to the office in the intervals! Have been watching Nicholas Cranes Britannia whilst writing – he visited the cave known as the ‘Devil’s Arse’ at Castleton as a part of his walk.