Tuesday 5 August Derby

The only day with no one due in but with the Australians due out. The weather forecast had kept changing and we had hoped to go for a walk but by 8am it had started to rain. So it was plan B. Today plan B was Derby. We haven’t been there for a couple of years and recently a new shopping centre opened. Also we haven’t been to the cathedral. Able to leave quite early as we had early breakfasts again Managed to find a car park in central Derby at the Assembly Rooms. Had a coffee in a nearby coffee shop before visiting the cathedral. Bess of Hardwick is buried here and there was an exhibition on as it is 400 years since her death. Another point of interest is the falcons that are nesting in the tower. We then wandered around some of the lanes before ending up at the new Westfield Centre. Apart from some cottage bits from Wilkinson my only other purchase was a Take That CD from last year. I remember them being popular the first time around, particularly with the young girls at the school where I worked. They would probably laugh now if they knew I had bought one of their CD’s but then they have reinvented themselves! A good drive back home although it did rain quite heavily for a while. Watched another episode of Jimmy Doherty’s Farming Heroes. Interesting to learn how prevalent potato blight still is.