Tuesday 4 December

Chris spent most of the day trying to alleviate the problems of yesterday. BT came to fix the phones but decided the problem could not be fixed without repacing a duct box which would take a few more days. Our broadband connection was fixed by lunch time and by the afternoon Chris was able to get our email working again. With our internet connection back up Chris was able to get a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) working so we could make and receive phonecalls over the internet rather than the mobile. (BT have redirected our incoming calls to this protocol).

This morning I found one of the RCB’s had blown in the garage where I kept the freezer but luckily no damage was done We also took delivery of a roll of lino which should have been delivered yesterday but in the circumsytances I think it was just as well it came today. Also just after lunch my dad arrived to spend a couple of days here. We spent the afternoon chatting and in the evening we went to the Bulls Head in Monyash for a meal. He is staying in the ground floor cottage nearest us. Apart from spending time with us he uses it as a holiday too so he can enjoy some reading.