Tuesday 31 July Busy Bakewell and July’s weather stats

So here we are, last day of July. At least we went out with sunshine! My two B&B couples checked out this morning although one couple did book a week in one of the cottages in late September. As per usual the morning went with laundry, making over rooms and monthly chores like ordering tea and coffee. Seemed to be some movement of the bovine variety out in the fields although none seemed to come our way. I do miss them when they are not in our fields. Blue would not agree.

I had been advised that Bakewell was extra busy due to preparations for the Bakewell Show taking place tomorrow and Thursday so Chris dropped me off in town so I could do my shopping. I then walked a part way back up the hill and Chris picked me back up. We followed a very big trailer of bailed hay on the way up. Some of the local farmers have cut the grass for hay and it is drying before baling.

The first of our guests arrived about 5pm and the second couple a few hours later. They had been held up on the motorway as they had witnessed an accident.

So July’s weather stats. Overall 5.72 inches of rain of which 1.03 fell on the 13th. Warmest day overall was 16th although I would have thought it was today.