Tuesday 30 October a varied day

A nice bright start and dogs out for a quick walk before preparing a light breakfast for our guests. Had planned out the day but like many days this changed by the hour. First though we had a visit from a carpet salesman. We have an account (as a trading busimness) with a carpet wholesaler and one thing we had decided to do this winter is replace some of the linos in the cottages. He came and left his samples so we can make a decision, bearing in mind we have to buy by the roll and a roll is 30 meters! I had planned to go to Bakewell and then onto Matlock to visit the new tourist attraction in the area-the new Sainsbury’s! We found the car park and decided to see how easy it was to walk into town. It took a bit longer than I thought – there is most probably a few things that still need to be finished. I was able to get my bits in Matlock that I would have done in Bakewell. There is also an art gallery at Matlock Green that Chris wanted to drop into so we walked through the park (Hall Leys) only to find the gallery closed. As there was a cafe next door (Tawneys) we had lunch there and it was nice. We went back to Sainsbury’s and did the shopping. We then went onto Chesterfield in order to purchase a TV for one of the cottages. It had started to play up yesterday and despite a number of attempts Chris had not been able to resolve the problem so it was decided the best option was to replace it. We went to Currys but they did not have what we were looking for so went to Argos. Luckily they did so we bought one and went back home to install it.

After tea we went down to the farm as Joanna had made some scones to go with the clotted cream we had received from one of the guests. We had a chat about cows and vaccinations. Each time we are there I learn something new. Andrew is planning to sell some cows and they need to be tested for TB before he can, even though it is not prevalent in the area. After that we came back and watched Spooks.