Tuesday 3 June

Unfortunately another wet day which was supposed to dry up but didn’t until much later. After usual bits went to Sainsbury’s in Matlock then came back and had a light lunch. Whilst I was out Chris and the handyman fixed up a new drying system in my linen room to replace the airers. It has given me more space but I will need to see if it works. Mid afternoon we went down to Ashford to try out the new Tearoom (Aisseford Tearoom) with the former guest who has moved to Ashford. We spent a pleasant few hours with her at the tearoom and also had a look at the work she has had carried out at her home. We hope the tearoom does well as that is the one thing that has been lacking in the village. After dinner did a bit of tidying up in my new style linen room before sitting down to watch Dr Who from Saturday.